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Join Bryan Kuderna, the author of Millennial Millionaire, with special guests ranging from professional athletes and best-selling authors to nationally recognized business leaders, as he breaks down complex personal finance and economic issues with straightforward and entertaining insights.  

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The Myth of Private Equity - Jeffrey Hooke

We pull back the curtain on the private equity industry and discuss the enormous college endowment business, pension fund investments, and the history and future of PE.

Jeffrey Hooke is a senior lecturer in finance at Johns Hopkins Business School. He has decades of experience on Wall Street as an investment banker and private investment executive.  His new book is The Myth of Private Equity: An Inside Look at Wall Street’s Transformative Investments.

#2021-130576 Exp. 12/23

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Cybersecurity with Michael Abboud

Michael Abboud is the Founder and CEO of TetherView. He is an industry expert on cybersecurity, digital compliance, and the Cloud. He is a consultant to Columbia University's Center for Technology Management. Our conversation addresses ransomware, cyber attacks, computer literacy for youth, and the future of financial technology.

#2021-129403 Exp. 11/23 

Iceland's Biggest Secret- Jared Bibler

Jared Bibler is the author of the new book, ICELAND’s SECRET:  The Untold Story of The World’s Biggest Con.  Bibler is a graduate of MIT, who began his career as a software engineer.  He eventually made his way to Wall Street as a consultant before moving to Iceland to support the Icelandic pension funds’ foreign investments as a Charted Financial Analyst or CFA. He was subsequently hired to head a special investigation team at the Icelandic markets regulator.  During his role, Jared uncovered just how far financial corruption spread across the globe.

#2021-129131 (Exp. 10/23)

The State of Social Security - 2021

Bryan Kuderna examines the 2021 Social Security Trustees Report. Analysis includes funding shortfalls, projections, population trends, and possible outcomes.

#2021-127065 (Exp. 9/23)

Financial Wellness

A roadmap of financial goals and benchmarks decade by decade, starting in the 20's and ending in the 70's.

#2021-125965 (Exp. 8/23)

Getting Your Mind Right with Dr. Rob Fazio

Learn how to mentally excel in the new normal. Dr. Rob Fazio is a renowned sports psychologist as seen in the New York Times, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and more. He is the author of Simple is the New Smart and Bullyproof. His company On Point Advising, coaches leaders how to reach their full potential.

#2021-125119 (Exp. 8/23)

Dr. Richard Smith on The Problems with Big Tech

Dr. Richard Smith is a Berkley mathematician with a PHD in Systems Science. Known as "The Doctor of Uncertainty", Smith is a fintech entrepreneur, author of Risk Rituals Newsletter, and contributor to Forbes, CNN, Marketwatch, and more. We discuss congressional action to curb the power of big tech and what it means to the economy.

2021-124434 (Exp. 7/23)

Ari Rastegar: Real Estate and Population Migration

Ari Rastegar has been called the "Oracle of Austin" by Forbes and was recently named to Commercial Observer's Power 100 list. He is the Founder and CEO of Rastegar Property Company which encompasses over 5 million square feet of property in 38 cities across 13 states. His new book is "The Gift of Failure".

2021-123760 Exp. 07/23

Madoff Talks: An Interview with Author Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell is the host of the nationally syndicated radio shows "Business Talk with Jim Campbell" and "Forensic Talk with Jim Campbell". We discuss his latest book, "Madoff Talks- Uncovering The Untold Story Behind The Most Notorious Ponzi Scheme in History", and Jim's decade-long interview with Bernie Madoff and his family.

2021-122635 Exp. 06/23

Leadership Interview with Resonant CEO George Holmes

A conversation ranging from 5G to Science Nonfiction with George Holmes, Chairman and CEO of Resonant.  George has previously served as the Chief Commercial Officer of Tigo Energy and several other senior executive positions in the tech space.  He holds a B.A. from the University of Puget and diploma in international business from Nyenrode University, Netherlands.

2021-122724 Exp. 07/23

The Population and Economics: 8 Billion Questions

It took millennia for the Earth's population to reach 1 billion people, but only the past century to add another 6 billion. What effects does this extreme population growth have on the economy and personal finance?

2021-122783 Exp. 06/23

Season 2 Preview: Millennial Millionaire

The first episode of Season 2 highlights the future of the millennial economy, and framework for Kuderna's 2nd edition of Millennial Millionaire. We introduce the topics of: population dynamics, social security, pensions, immigration, geopolitical issues, natural resources, technology, education, healthcare reform, and socialism versus capitalism.

2021-122958 Exp. 6/2023

The American Rescue Plan

Bryan Kuderna discusses the third round of stimulus, and first under The Biden Administration, and what an additional $1.9 trillion expense means to America's economy.

2021-122960 Exp. 6/2023

Economics 201

In a follow-up to the hit episode, Economics 101, Kuderna interviews TCNJ Professor of Economics, Dr. Donald Vandegrift. The wide-ranging conversation covers US debt, politics, capitalism versus socialism, and the Biden agenda.

2021-122963 Exp. 6/2023

The Explorer's Passage with Jeff Bonaldi: An Interview with Founder and CEO of TEP

Jeff is the Founder & CEO of The Explorer’s Passage (TEP). Jeff’s objective is to use his organization to help tackle the world’s most important social and environmental issues through adventure travel experiences across the planet. His trips have prompted collaboration with Disney, Nat Geo, and more.

Previously, Jeff spent 15 years on Wall Street with Merrill Lynch and Citibank. This is story not of just travel, but pursuit of a passion.

Jeff is a contributing writer to Entrepreneur Magazine and a TEDx speaker.

2021-122964 Exp. 6/2023

Stocks, Mutual Funds, and ETFs

Bryan Kuderna discusses the differences between stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds.

2021-119557 Exp. 5/23

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